Building a business can be a scary yet extremely rewarding experience. I've seen first hand the freedom that entrepreneurship can provide. From financial independence, to the flexibility of setting your own schedule, to being able to build a career that you're truly passionate about.

I want to support other women pursuing their own entrepreneurial success. I do that in two ways: 1) through custom brand strategy and web design for growing businesses, and 2) business + brand education for new businesses and those trying to level-up their brand in a DIY, budget-friendly way.

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Hey, I'm Jocelyn Burks, an entrepreneur who specializes in brand strategy and web design. I've been designing since high school, but I've always viewed good design as just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to great business.

To me, great design evokes an emotional response and inspires action. It showcases the value your business brings to the table and communicates a level of luxury service. While I love working hands on with my high-touch clients to build completely custom brands, I also love teaching entrepreneurs how they can create a strong brand on their own while they grow their business.

Jocelyn Burks

CEO + creative director

Minnesota born-and-raised, I'm now a Nashville girl being teased by southerners for my pronunciation of the word "bag." After graduating from college having studied Entrepreneurship, I worked with early-stage startups at Nashville's entrepreneurial resource hub for two years before going full-time in my own biz.

My family and my faith are the two most important things in my life. When I'm not knee-deep in Adobe programs, you can find me traveling, behind a camera lens, or at the park with my hubby Oren and our perfect dog Lola (I'm not biased, she's perfect).

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Hi, I'm Mikayla! I'm currently living in Golden, Colorado where I spend most of my time in the mountains with my husband and pup, or off exploring all the local coffee shops, breweries, and restaurants the city has to offer. I previously co-owned my own brand and website design studio over the past four years, so I have a love for design and an even greater love for all the details and systems that come with running a small biz. I'm so excited to use and grow my passion and skills in the process behind Jocelyn Burk's design studio and be a part of the magic that's created over here!

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