We designed the Icons Collection for businesses who are ready to take their website to the next level without forking over the big bucks for custom branding. Modeled after some of our favorite characters, these templates perfectly capture your mood and elevate your brand. From editorial to edgy to easy-breezy, pick the one that feels like you and make it your own in no time.

We believe every business deserves a beautiful, strategic website. We’re here to help you get one, no matter the price point

Let me guess: your current website (or lack thereof) isn’t doing your business justice

We designed each of our Icons Collection websites after a woman who made her own way in the world — and made the world her own. Carefully crafted with web strategy that works, these templates will elevate your brand and simplify your life. No more hours spent trying to crack web coding, just simple, gorgeous design that boosts your bottom line. Welcome to the good life. 

the icons collection

The characters may be fictional, but the vibes are real (and really good)

If you like your websites with a little bit of edge, this bold and empowering site will earn you a seat at just about any table. Woman in a man’s world? Please.

the samantha

Chic and elevated like the Napa countryside, this laid-back lifestyle template would never strand you on an air mattress in the middle of the lake, if you catch our drift.

the meredith

Taking cues from high fashion, this dark and moody vibe is the perfect fit for any lover of editorial style. Think Vogue meets New York City grit.

the miranda

Browse through these designs, inspired by iconic women, and select the one that makes you feel like an icon yourself.

HOw does it work?

step one  /  choose your template

After you purchase your template, you’ll get a PDF that walks you through the activation process in ShowIt. It’s super simple, we promise.

step two  /  Add your ShowIt share key

Check our robust library of in-depth tutorials, designed to show you how to edit your template to fit your brand, from color palettes to font selections. Then, update your text and images, and boom — a site that’s all your own.

step three  /  Customize your brand

Web design can take a long time, right? Not with the Icons Collection. With this purchase, you’ll have all you need to launch a luxury site at lightning speed.

step four  /  launch your site

Have an existing blog on Wordpress or Squarespace? No worries here. Showit offers Wordpress for blogging, so you can keep the internet’s most powerful SEO blog tool in your back pocket. Seamlessly transfer your existing blog from Wordpress or Squarespace to your new Showit site, and watch those post clicks add up.

wordpress blog integration

03 /

The Icons Collection offers a no-code-required approach to design. With a simple drag and drop editor, you can swap photos, edit text, and even incorporate simple design changes with ShowIt’s user-friendly page builder. We’ve already built these sites with strategic design, so no major changes needed — just drag, drop, and launch.


02 /

Love our signature design style? The Icons Collection is the easiest way to capture the Team JB feel – clean, elevated, editorial — without the price tag of a custom project. Taking the designs we dreamed up and making them your own? Now that’s iconic.

our signature editorial style

01 /

We dug into every nitty gritty design detail so that you can launch a luxe site with the flip of a switch. If you want an elevated site without weeks of waiting on a designer or stressing over the DIY details, you’ve found the perfect place to land. Happy shopping, you icon, you.

ready to launch asap

06 /

When you make a purchase from the Icons Collection, you get two support teams for the price of one. We’re always here to help as you launch your new site — and so is the amazing Showit team. They offer a live chat feature with lightning response times to help you resolve issues, now or down the road. 

responsive support team

05 /

In today’s world, mobile sites matter just as much as their desktop counterparts. Some site builders don’t offer much control over mobile layouts, but the Icons Collection has already been customized to work perfectly on all screen sizes. 

custom mobile-friendly



We poured our heart and soul into this collection, and we can’t wait to see these Icons in the wild, taking businesses to the next level and giving entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners the kind of website they’ve always dreamed about. 

We’re here to make your website iconic

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