Inspired by everyone's favorite gold digging villain. The woman we despised as a child but have grown to love for her daring self-confidence and impeccable fashion sense.

Chic and elevated like the Napa countryside, this laid-back lifestyle template strikes the perfect balance between luxury and approachability. While all of our templates include Shop pages, this template integrates featured shop items throughout different pages of the site for an integrated e-commerce experience.

the meredith

a warm & luxurious customizable showit template, because being young and beautiful isn't a crime you know

the meredith

what's included?

Have an existing blog on Wordpress or Squarespace? No worries here. Showit offers Wordpress for blogging, so you can keep the internet’s most powerful SEO blog tool in your back pocket. Seamlessly transfer your existing blog from Wordpress or Squarespace to your new Showit site, and watch those post clicks add up.

wordpress blog integration

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The Icons Collection offers a no-code-required approach to design. With a simple drag and drop editor, you can swap photos, edit text, and even incorporate simple design changes with ShowIt’s user-friendly page builder. We’ve already built these sites with strategic design, so no major changes needed — just drag, drop, and launch.


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Love our signature design style? The Icons Collection is the easiest way to capture the Team JB feel – clean, elevated, editorial — without the price tag of a custom project. Taking the designs we dreamed up and making them your own? Now that’s iconic.

our signature editorial style

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We dug into every nitty gritty design detail so that you can launch a luxe site with the flip of a switch. If you want an elevated site without weeks of waiting on a designer or stressing over the DIY details, you’ve found the perfect place to land. Happy shopping, you icon, you.

ready to launch asap

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When you make a purchase from the Icons Collection, you get two support teams for the price of one. We’re always here to help as you launch your new site — and so is the amazing Showit team. They offer a live chat feature with lightning response times to help you resolve issues, now or down the road. 

responsive support team

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In today’s world, mobile sites matter just as much as their desktop counterparts. Some site builders don’t offer much control over mobile layouts, but the Icons Collection has already been customized to work perfectly on all screen sizes. 

custom mobile-friendly



Head to the checkout page, select your payment plan, and make your purchase. From there, you can download the Template Guide which gives you access to your design share key and our library of template tutorials.

HOw does it work?

step one  /  purchase the template

After setting up your Showit account, you'll add your share key code to your account. You'll instantly see your new template loaded into your account.

step two  /  Add your ShowIt share key

Check our robust library of in-depth tutorials, designed to show you how to edit your template to fit your brand, from color palettes to font selections. Then, update your text and images, and boom — a site that’s all your own.

step three  /  Customize your brand

Finish updating your content, transfer your domain, and get ready to hit publish. With this purchase, you’ll have all you need to launch a luxury site at lightning speed. Cue the champagne popping, it's time to celebrate!

step four  /  launch your site

Whether you're ready to go all in or need a few months to budget out your template purchase, we've got payment plan options that make investing in a template a stress-free, no-brainer decision.

let's talk money, honey

one-time payment

Best Value!

two monthly payments

Four monthly payments





It's important to note that your template purchase does NOT include a Showit or domain subscription. Depending on the plan you need, Showit can cost between $288 and $408 annually. View their pricing information here. Additionally, you'll need to continue paying for your domain on a separate hosting platform (such as GoDaddy, Blue Host, etc.). If you're incorporating e-commerce, you'll need to pay for Shopify Lite, ThriveCart, or whatever checkout experience you choose.

what other expenses can I expect?

The Showit team assists in transferring your domain to your new Showit site. You'll still need to keep your domain hosted on a domain platform (for example, we use GoDaddy). After requesting a domain transfer through Showit, they'll send you updated DNS settings to apply to your domain for an easy transfer. The process typically takes 1-3 days.

How do I transfer my domain?

After finalizing your purchase, you'll be directed to a link to download your Template Guide. Included in this guide is the Share Key you'll use to add your new template to your Showit account, as well as a link to access a Google Drive folder that includes a library of tutorials walking you through everything you need to know to make the template your own!

what happens after i purchase the template?

Heck yes! We offer two-day sprints to help you launch your new template in record time. Not only will we implement your imagery and content, but we'll take things to the next level with some custom tweaks to your selected template. On the front end, we'll need to get your photos, copy, and any other specific content requests you have. We'll take it from here! Send us a message if you're interested in learning more.

I want a template but I don't have time to customize it. Can you help?

Great question. Everyone has different budgetary needs and timeline goals for their business. We absolutely love working with our custom clients, but the reality is that our custom websites start at $8,500. If you're looking for a beautiful website with our signature, editorial style but are working with a tighter budget, this is a great option for you. Additionally, custom websites take weeks to months. With a template, the timeline is in your hands. You can launch as soon as you're ready!

Why would I pay for a template instead of a custom designed website?

We're here to help! Choosing a new website or switching web platforms is a big decision. If you have any questions about how our templates work or the Showit platform in general, shoot us an email at

help! I still have more questions!

Whether we like it or not, our audience is judging our website. No more hiding behind a bad site or saying "I'll get to that next month" (will you really?). Take control of your brand presence with a stunning, strategic site.

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